Hair Extensions Aftercare

Hair Extensions Aftercare

Your extensions are 100% human hair, but that doesn't mean that they require the same treatment as your own. Although the hair is semi-permanently attached to your own hair, the extensions are still false and require their own special after care.

Below is a list of dos, don'ts and products that are recommended for you to use.

If you do have any questions or concerns in regards to your extensions that may need specialist products or care, please don't hesitate to contact the salon to speak to the stylist who applied your hair.

Adjusting to your new extensions

Once your extensions have been placed in your hair, allow 48 hours to one week, for your hair and scalp to adjust to the new found weight. If after this time you are having discomfort, it could be that you have an overly sensitive scalp and it is best that you address this. You could require some length taken off, or some weight taken out of them, or in very rare cases you may need to have them removed.

Looking after your extensions

To look after your scalp and hair health, and for your hair extensions to last as long as possible, please follow the aftercare instructions below.

Washing your extensions

Brush your hair before washing to minimise tangling. Hold the hair and start brushing from the bottom to avoid pulling on the bond. Ensure you brush out any styling products before washing.

It is advised to wash your hair in the shower to avoid tangling. Gently apply shampoo in a downwards motion to reduce tangling. When cleansing the scalp, be careful to not disturb the bonds. Rinse off all the shampoo thoroughly.

Conditioner should be applied to the lengths whilst avoiding the bonds.

Do not wash your hair frequently, once or twice a week is recommended.

Washing new extensions

For new extensions, wait 48 hours after their application before washing your hair. The first time you wash new extensions, some dye may be released, so we advise drying your hair with dark coloured towels.

Squeeze excess hair out and pat dry with a towel. Do not rub the hair together.

Apply a styling serum, hair oil or cream to the mid-lengths to ends before blow drying. Do not apply oils and serums on the roots of your hair or on the bonds of your hair extensions.

Dry your hair completely dry on a warm setting, heat seals the hair cuticle smoothing the hair, preventing tangling and extending the life of your hair extensions. Use a cool a setting when drying the area near the bonds, as excessive heat can damage the bonds (especially tape extensions).

Do not leave hair extensions to dry naturally, the moisture can soften the bonds/tapes and cause them to fall out. It will also create “fluffing” of the Hair Extensions. Never tie hair in a bun or sleep while Hair Extensions are wet, they will get matted together.

Brushing & Styling Hair Extensions


  • Avoid over brushing the Hair Extensions when wet. Hair is more fragile when wet and more likely to snap. A wide tooth comb is recommended for use when wet.
  • If not brushed, Hair Extensions will start to get matted.
  • Always use a cushioned, bristled brush or large paddle brush to avoid snagging bonds or pulling to hard.
  • Use a detangling spray if needed.
  • If extensions tangle do not pull them, carefully brush from the ends of the hair gradually moving upwards.
  • Never backcomb the hair.


Hair extensions made from real hair can be heat styled* but it is not advised to apply heat frequently. High temperatures can cause colour fading and damage in the same way that your own hair colour fades with heat. Using a heat protector spray will minimise this.

When straightening or curling your hair extensions, keep heat appliances away from the bond/attachment as they will melt if you get too close.

*Exception for Light Blondes. Light blonde coloured hair extensions when heat styled at high temperatures can cause a burnt orange discolouration. To avoid this happening, temperatures below 160c should be used on blondes and heat protection products are to be considered essential.

Hair Fall

The average person loses 150-300 hair a day. This is why it is important to brush your hair so that any loose hair comes away and prevents matting. Do not panic if you see your hair come our with your hair extensions, this is normal. However, if you feel that you are losing excess hair or your scalp is being sore or irritable, please contact us. If you experience any of these symptoms within 72 hours of your application, please contact us immediately.

Colouring your hair or extensions

We do not recommend colouring or bleaching hair extensions.

When colouring or bleaching your own hair we recommend removing your hair extensions for the colour service.

Do not use home box dyes, they will not be compatible with your hair extensions.

How long can I wear them for

We advise having hair extensions removed and refitted every 6-8 weeks.

The longest we recommend wearing your extensions is 12 weeks (3 months).

Removing your hair extensions

It is recommended to have your extensions removed by a hair extensions specialist.

Never pull or pick at your extensions to remove them as you can damage both the hair extensions and the root of your natural hair.

Sun & Swimming

During summer months or whilst on holiday try and keep your hair out of the sun by wearing a hat etc.

When swimming in the sea or in a pool, wet your hair and/or use a leave-in conditioner so at to act as a barrier to the hair absorbing chlorine or salt.

Always use shampoo and conditioner after swimming.

Do not use Moroccan Oil on light or blonde hair in the sun, as it contain linseed oil which can tinge the hair orange.

During summer months or whilst on holiday try and keep your hair out of the sun by wearing a hat etc. Some styling styling products contain UV filters which will prevent colour fade.

Moroccan Oil and some other brands of argan oils can cause on light or blonde hair to discolour orange in the sun and heat, do not use hair products that contain linseed oil or pure argan oil.

When swimming in the sea or in a pool, it is advised to tie it up and avoid your hair getting wet. Also, before swimming, if you wet your hair and/or use a leave-in conditioner, it will act as a barrier so that the hair absorbs less chlorine or salt.

Always wash your hair immediately using shampoo and conditioner after swimming. Some chemicals present in swimming pools can react with lighter Hair Extensions changing their colour to pink, green or orange.

Hair extensions are not suitable for regular swimmers.

Use shampoos that are sulphate free. This will prolong the life of your hair by excess oils not being removed from your hair extensions and will help prevent matting. We recommend Collinge & Co sulphate-free shampoos:

As hair extensions do not benefit from moisture being replenished by natural oils from the scalp, using conditioners that add moisture is essential. Moisture adding conditioners:

A hair serum, cream or oil should be used on wet hair before drying. Choose a product that aids brushing and includes heat protection. In our salons we retail:

  • Olaplex No.9 Serum – will detangle, includes heat protection and anti-static
Styling aids for hair extensions:

Detangling sprays help with brushing. Whilst drying, and styling in between washes. Detangling spray for hair extensions: