Salon Terms & Conditions

Please find our Salon Terms & Conditions applicable to retail sales and service sales in Collinge & Co salons.

These Terms

Collinge & Co ("Collinge & Co" "Collinge & Co Salons" "we" "us") salons and related services are made available to you in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions (collectively, the "Salon Terms").

By booking services or purchasing products in Collinge & Co Salons, you confirm that you accept these Terms and Conditions. This does not affect your statutory rights.


If you are a new client or thinking of changing your hair style or colour, please take advantage of our complimentary consultations. A member of our team will give you the best advice to suit you and your hair. Consultations can be booked online or by phoning the salon.

Cancellation & No-Show Policy

Please provide 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment.

Late cancellations, less than 12 hours from the appointment time, will incur a late-cancellation fee of 50% of the booked services. Failure to attend an appointment will incur a no-show fee of 100% of the booked services.

To book online it is necessary to provide your credit/debit card details, which will be kept on file securely by the payment processor. These card details will be used to pay for late-cancellation or no-show fees.

Please note, you can cancel your appointment online by visiting your account profile, or by phoning the salon.

Extended Appointments

Please note, there will be an additional charge for appointments that are extended past the usually required time.

Booking Technical Appointments

Technical services do not include Styling services. When booking a Technical (Colour, Lightening or Perming) it is a requirement that a Styling service is also booked to finish the appointment.

Colour-Allergy Testing

New Colour Clients: A consultation and colour-allergy test are required before a colour service can be carried out. Please only book a Colour Consultation & Allergy Test. Following your Colour Consultation & Allergy Test, you will be able to book your colour appointment with reception or online at your convenience. Your colour appointment must be at least 48 hours after the colour allergy test.

Existing colour clients: A colour allergy-test will be required if you have not visited for colour for 6 months or if you want to change your hair colour to another shade. Please first book a Colour Consultation & Allergy Test to take place at least 48 hours in advance of a colour appointment.

Note: If you book a colour appointment but a colour-allergy test is required, we may need to modify or cancel your appointment.

Young Persons and Students

For our Castle Street, Trafford Centre, Ormskirk and Heswall salons, there is a separate Student price list detailing prices for students at Stylist level. Additionally, Monday to Thursday, 20% Student discount is available with our Senior Stylist level. This is open to all young persons 14–18 and students enrolled in education (part-time or full-time) on production of valid identification.

At our Bold Street salons, student prices are available at all stylist levels to all young persons 14–18 and full-time students enrolled in education on production of valid identification.

For children under 14 years of age please see the Under-14 cutting services on the salon price lists.

Colour Age Check

Please note, due to Health & Safety regulations we cannot undertake any colour work or any other technical services (ie extensions, perms and straightening) on persons under the age of 16.

Booking Appointments Online

If booking a Colour service you must also book a Styling service.

For colour services you may also need to visit an Collinge & Co salon at least 48 hours prior to your appointment for a Colour-Allergy Test. Please refer to the Colour-Allergy section.

To book online it is necessary to provide your credit/debit card details, which will be kept on file securely by the payment processor. These card details will be used to pay for late-cancellation or no-show fees.

Please provide 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. Please see our full Cancellation & No-Show Policy here.

Please note, there will be an additional charge for appointments that are extended past the usually required time. This may mean alerting online bookings to include extended services.

Your hairdresser will confirm the service(s) you are having before starting your appointment and the price you are charged in the salon will correspond with the service(s) received.

To use the online booking service, you must be 16 years of age or older.

Private Room

In our Liverpool, Castle Street and our Heswall salons, our private room can be reserved. For those who require privacy during a consultation or appointment, please phone to make an appointment and reserve a private room. The entire appointment – consultation and washing, colouring, styling of the hair – can take place in the private room.

Collinge & Co Loyalty Points

Collinge & Co Loyalty Points are awarded for every £1 spent on hairdressing services, products or gift cards in the salon, and in addition, for any digital Gift Cards bought online.

Two points are earned for every £1 spent. 1 point is worth 1p (100 points equals £1).

Points can be redeemed in any Collinge & Co salon for hairdressing services, products and gift cards.

Awarding points:

  • Points are awarded for hairdressing services
  • Points are awarded for in-salon purchases of products and gift cards in Collinge & Co Salons
  • Points are awarded for online purchases of gift cards on
  • Two points are awarded for every whole £1 spent (e.g. hairdressing services to the value of £49.50 would earn 98 points and hairdressing services to the value of £50.00 would earn 100 points).
  • Points are only earned when paying by cash, credit or debit card
  • Points are not awarded on values redeemed by a Gift Card
  • Points are not awarded on values redeemed by Loyalty Points

Redeeming points:

  • Collinge & Co Loyalty Points can only be redeemed in Collinge & Co Salons
  • 1 point equals 1p (e.g. 100 points equals £1.00)
  • Points can only be redeemed in increments of 100
  • Points can be redeemed against the sale value of services, products (hair care, styling, electrical and accessories) and Gift Cards
  • Points cannot be transferred
  • Points can be redeemed on any day of the week, in any month of the year

Balances and statements:

  • Loyalty Points are stored in a digital wallet in your client account.
  • A statement showing the balance of your points, will be emailed to you every three months, on 1 February, 1 May, 1 August, 1 November
  • Whilst visiting the salon, a member the team will be able to update you with your current points balance
  • You can view your points balance, plus see the log of points earned and redeemed on your online account or by downloading the Collinge & Co App

Expiration of points:

  • Points expire 500 days after they are awarded
  • Notification of soon to expire points will be made by email 30 days prior to the expiry date
  • Points cannot be converted to cash, credit or transferred

We hold the right to update the terms of the Collinge & Co Loyalty Points Scheme. Notice of new terms will be provided by email and with in-salon messaging.

Redeeming Offers

Salon offer adverts will specify the nature of the offer and how they can be redeemed.

Offer adverts may specify limitations on redeeming the offer such as: expiry dates, the frequency a coupon can be used per person, a minimum or maximum spend, a limitation to redeem the offer against certain products or services, restrictions against redeeming the offer in conjunction with other offers or sales, specify in which salons an offer can be redeemed.

Offers can only be redeemed at the point of sale and cannot be redeemed retrospectively. It is the buyer's responsibility to notify the salon of an offer the buyer wishes to redeem prior to paying. Some offers require the presentation of a voucher or coupon code prior to paying.

The Perfect Finish

An exclusive discount for Collinge & Co salons' clients.

Clients of Collinge & Co salons receive 10% off any take-home retail products purchased at the same time as their hairdressing service appointments.

The discount cannot be applied to take-home retail products purchased on days other than the date of the hairdressing service appointment. The discount cannot be applied retrospectively of any previous purchases.

Recommend a Friend

Introduce a friend using a Recommend a Friend referral code and you (”the client”) will receive a £10 credit and your friend (”the friend”) will receive £10 (”the discount”) off their first hair appointment.

Steps for claiming this offer:

  • the client shares their Referral Code from Collinge & Co App (available on the Apple AppStore and on Google Playwith a friend
  • the friend uses the Referral Code when creating their account (whether online, in the app, in salon or over the phone)
  • the friend books an appointment and attends their first service in an Collinge & Co salon. On completion of their first hair appointment, the £10 discount will automatically be applied off the appointment’s total
  • the client will receives a £10 credit to use on their next hair appointment. Available credits are visible in Collinge & Co App (available on the Apple AppStore and on Google Play)
  • the client can go through the above process as many times as they like as long as the friend referred each time is a new client to Collinge & Co.


  • the friend can redeem a maximum of £10 discount on their first appointment i.e. the discount cannot be used in conjunction with another offer
  • the discount does not grant a £10 discount on appointments that are blow-dry only appointments or appointments that are less than £10 in value
  • the friend must be a new client to all Collinge & Co salons.

Recommend a Friend pre-July 2022 – paper-based Recommend-a-Friend flyers and vouchers will continue to be honoured but will no longer be issued.

Gift Cards

Collinge & Co Digital Gift Cards can be purchased here or in any Collinge & Co salon. Gift Cards can be redeemed against all services and products sold in Collinge & Co salons.

When purchasing Digital Gift Cards they can be assigned to the purchasers account or to another recipient. Digital Gift Cards can be sent via email either on the day of purchase or on a future specified date and time.

When redeeming a Gift Card, if your sale/appointment total is less than the total value of the Digital Gift Card used, a Digital Gift Card balance will be retained to use another time, no change or cash alternative will be given.

To check a Digital Gift Card balance please use the Check card balance link or enquire at an Collinge & Co salon.

Digital Gift Cards have an expiry date, as stated at the point of purchase, by default this is 1000 days from the sale date. If you think you may not be able to use your Digital Gift Card before the expiry date please contact us to see if we can extend the expiry date or transfer your balance to another Digital Gift Card.

Digital Gift Card can be combined with cash or credit-card payments in a single transaction.

Digital Gift Card are non-transferable, may not be returned and cannot be redeemed for cash.

If you return products bought using a Digital Gift Card, then the refund will be made back onto the the original Digital Gift Card or onto another Digital Gift Card.

Collinge & Co is not responsible if Digital Gift Cards are lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission.

Collinge & Co Digital Gift Card cannot be used to purchase products on

Promotional vouchers are not to be confused with Digital Gift Card. Promotional vouchers may have further limitations and restrictions.

Safety & Wellbeing

Collinge & Co is committed to making sure our salons and workplace is a safe space for all. We have a 'zero tolerance' stance towards discrimination, abuse, harassment and violence.

Instances of verbal abuse, physical abuse, threats, harassment and violence are unacceptable, and will be reported and investigated.

Refusal of Service

At Collinge & Co we always strive to provide the very best service we can to our clients. There are very few instances in which we reserve the right to refuse custom if it is in the best interests of those concerned. We will always be polite but will explain our reasons honestly.

  • If a client asks for a service we don’t provide, don’t specialise in, or we aren’t comfortable in providing. e.g. the condition of the hair is not suitable for the service requested.
  • If a client repeatedly fails to show up for an appointment. We appreciate that a change of circumstances can happen to anyone, but if this is happening on a regular basis, it comes detrimental to our business and to other clients.
  • If a client is repeatedly unhappy with the service we provide, despite our best efforts, we may suggest that we are not the right people to do their hair. We want all our clients to have a good experience, and we will be honest if we feel we are unable to provide this.
  • If a client discriminates, abuses, harasses or is violent towards an employee or another client.

Infection Control

At Collinge & Co salons we are committed to keeping our clients and teams as safe as possible, we work to high health and safety standards in order to reduce risk. Below you can read how we maintain a clean and hygienic salon environment.

  • Keeping the salon well ventilated, when & where possible
  • Frequent surface cleaning, including disinfecting work stations after each use
  • Disinfecting hairdressing tools before and after use
  • Using disposable towels
  • Washing fabric gowns after each use
  • Hand washing and hand-sanitising protocols

Infection Control Risk Assessment: To view our risk assessment please follow this link.