Meet Your Hair's Best Friend

Collinge & Co Hair Treat in hands

✓ Vegan

✓ Lightweight

✓ Sulfate-free range

✓ Not tested on animals

Give your locks some love with the Collinge & Co product range. Whatever your hair type, style or length, we have the perfect product for you. Not sure what products are right for you? Take our hair FREE prescription quiz to receive personalised recommendations.

From Deep Cleansing Shampoo to Gel Serum, our products are with you every step of your routine.

The Collinge & Co Team 2023

The Collinge & Co Philosophy

With over 80 years of experience in the industry, we know hair. We know what it needs and wants. That’s why we created the Collinge & Co product range. We want you to feel your absolute best, every day. We’re strong advocates for creativity and individuality, so what better way to express yourself than through your hair? Whether you’re creating out-there, striking styles or just taming your hair for the day ahead, we’re there for you.