Apprentice Testimonials


Tom, Hair Professional Apprentice at Andrew Collinge Selfridges

What made you want to be a hairdresser?
I always knew I wanted to do a job where I could be social and creative. It just so happens that hairdressing incorporates both of these things, not only that but you can change the way a person looks and most importantly feels and I find that astonishing. The fact someone could be having an awful day and then you colour there hair and have a chat with them and by the end of the appointment the walk out with a new found spring in there step is what I think made me what to do hairdressing most of all.

What are you planning to do in your career as a hairdresser?
I'd like to become a tutor and pass on the skills I've learnt on to others. At the same time is also like to gain a reputation for being an amazing hairdresser in my own right and possible have a few of my own salons.

What do you enjoy about Andrew Collinge training?
The training salon has a really nice vibe about it. I think I take it for granted how safe I feel to be able to make mistakes and ask for help. The training team are all amazing, extremely supportive and knowledgeable. I really feel like I’ve learned a lot from them. I also feel they always have my back.el like I’ve learned a lot from them. I also feel they always have my back.

Izzy, Hair Professional Apprentice, Thornton Hall & Spa

What made you want to be a hairdresser?
As I was growing up I always loved the idea of going into the beauty industry as I always felt more confident in myself if I had had my hair or makeup or nails done. I feel like it’s a way of expressing who you are. I then found a love for learning all about braids and styling, practicing them on family, and I wanted to know more about doing hair on its own. To be able to achieve a look for each individual and for them to feel more confident in themselves after having their hair done is what makes you love your job!

What are you planning to do with your career as a hairdresser?
There are so many different paths you can take within the hairdressing industry but the path at the moment that I am heading for is to be able to go back stage with theatre companies. I never had the confidence to go as far as being on stage but there are so many other ways of being part of a big team like that and I would love to be able to all the hair of cast members as that is a big part of the theatre production. Another path that has always had my love in hairdressing is wedding hair because you can be so creative with every type of hair. I would love to be part of someone’s special day and help make it perfect.

What do you enjoy about Andrew Collinge training?
I enjoy many things within Andrew Collinge but the things I love most is how attentive the tutors are and the way the push you out your comfort zones. This has made me have more confidence in myself on certain things and made me push myself that one step further. I also like the fact that you are left with your client but if you need help they are with you straightaway.

How were you supported in Andrew Collinge training?
The support in Andrew Collinge is brilliant. It helps you feel confident in yourself and push yourself further to achieve the best of our ability! They help breakdown things that seem unachievable at the beginning. I haven’t come across anything I have been given and not understood it after it has been explained and broken down step-by-step.

Lauren, Hair Professional Apprentice, Harrison Hair Studio

What made you want to be a hairdresser?
I have always had a love for doing hair and thought it was a great skill to have. It was only when I started doing hair full time, I learnt how much I enjoy doing it and now plan to carry it on in the future.

What are you planning to do with your career as a hairdresser?
I plan to stay salon based until I have the confidence to go on my own and in future have my own salon.

What do you enjoy about Andrew Collinge Training?
I’ve enjoyed my time in Andrew Collinge as I've learned so many new skills and been shown how to do everything with lots of help in every stage of my learning.

How are you supported in Andrew Collinge Training?
I’ve had so much support whilst I've been on the course, which has helped me a lot with my learning and built my confidence overall.

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