Prep, Set, Go! Create Lasting Styles this Event Season



Picture this; You're getting ready for a long-awaited event. After spending ages curling, pinning and styling your hair, you’re finally ready to go! But, will your hair survive the celebrations and still look as good as when you left the house?

We’re here to help. Here are our top tips for fabulous-looking hair for those special occasions.

1. Preparation is key

As many factors can affect how your hair holds a curl or a style, there are a few recommendations we have that can help you prepare before the day of your event. If you have longer hair that you’re considering curling, you might want to ask your stylist to add some slight layers. By taking some weight from the hair long layers can help encourage longer-lasting curls. Another way to prepare is by changing your wash routine. In the weeks leading up to an event condition and treat your hair. However, the day before, think about using a lightweight shampoo that won’t weigh your hair down. Another thing to check in advance? The weather! As unpredictable as our weather can be you can protect your hair from the elements. The correct styling products will help to ensure longer-lasting super sleek hair or frizz-free curls.

Prepping the hair is the first thing we do, no matter the style. When deciding what you’ll need to do to prep your hair, think about what style you’re going to go for. If you’ll be using pins or clips, you might want to use a product that adds a little more texture and hold, like a mousse. If you’ll be using heat to create curls, you’ll want to add some heat protection and some extra hold to grab onto those curls. If you’ll be styling your natural curls, you might want to add some gel or serum to define your curls before diffusing.


2. Change your wash day

Many people plan their hair-washing days around certain events, but are you potentially hurting your chances of creating lasting styles this way?  For up-dos, hair that has been washed and conditioned on the day can cause problems. Pins, grips and backcombing work much better when hair is less soft, so we recommend washing your hair the evening before, applying a styling product and then gently drying your hair. Come morning, your hair will be more manageable and easier to put up, resulting in a longer-lasting style.


3. Set aside time to set

When you curl your hair with a wand or straightener, do you just drop the curl before moving on to the next section? Whilst setting might take a little extra time, it is well worth it for the results. If you’re using electrical styling tools to create waves, we recommend gently pushing the curl back up towards the scalp and pinning it whilst your hair is still warm, to set the hair into the curl. If you’re going for a bouncy blowout, try using velcro rollers on the still-warm curls to improve volume and hold. Once you’ve placed all your rollers in, spray a light misting of hairspray over all of the rollers and add some more heat from your dryer,  preferably with a diffuser attachment, for a couple of minutes. To lock in the curls make sure the hair has totally cooled down before taking out the rollers. Then, tip your head forward, rake your fingers through the curls working from the nape towards the crown , throw your head back and voila! Fabulous bouncy hair with fabulous hold.

4. The finishing touch

When thinking about how we can create styles that last, hairspray is often the first product that comes to mind. But are you using your hairspray correctly?

With bad technique can come less than desirable results. Our first tip for a good hairspray technique is to hold the spray at least 30cm away from the hair before spraying. This will help you get a much finer, wider application that’s going to give a more even application.

Did you know that a light hairspray with heat protection can also be used before using heat tools? Spraying a fine mist of a light-hold hairspray before using your wand or curler can help give you that little extra shine and hold that can make a big difference. 

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