Stylist Favourites: Hair Moisturiser


Collinge & Co Hair Moisturiser is one of my favourite products because of its great versatility and excellent performance.

I use it on towel-dried hair when blow drying or I spray it onto to dry hair before straightening/curling.

For blow drying Hair Moisturiser is ideal for those that don’t like the feel of styling products in their hair. It’s lightweight finish achieve that no-product feel, but with its heat-defence formulation, combined with an infusion of Argan Oil, hair is protected and hydrated.

I will always have Hair Moisturiser in my kit bag when I’m working on photo shoots as it's the perfect product to pre-prep with: it can detangle, protect damaged hair from heat and ensure a smooth finish. Most importantly I know it won’t let me down.

Hair Moisturiser


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