Step-by-step: Up do for bob-length hair


You don’t have to have long hair to wear it up. Here's my step-by-step guide for putting up bob length hair.

This braided at the back technique is ideal for bob length hair and the total look is a great party hairstyle. The vibe is relaxed and casual: it looks undone and effortless but at the same time glamorous.

This is a failsafe technique that even works on days when your hair is not cooperating.

Step 1: Prep the hair dry using Collinge & Co Blow Dry Lotion which helps create volume.

Step 2: Use Collinge & Co Invisible Dry Shampoo to add texture.

Step 3: Braid Bob length hair from the nape to the crown.

Bob step 3

Step 4: Continue to braid to the very ends of the hair allowing some it to spike out, secure and wrap the braid into a top knot.

Bob step 2

Step 5: Working on a centre parting, backcomb each side section at the roots, smooth the hair and sweep it back and up towards the crown and secure with a hair grip or accessory.

Bob step 5

Step 6: Use hair spray to hold the style in place.

Bob step 6

Step 7: Accessorise with rhinestones along the parting.

Bob finished

Step 8: As an alternative look, tuck some hair behind the ears and allow some soft tendrils to fall.

Party style


Product Tips

Invisible Dry Shampoo – is not just a dry shampoo but also brilliant for putting up hair. It helps create texture so that the style holds together. Unlike other dry shampoos it is invisible and doesn’t leave a white residue.

Blow Dry Lotion – it is light and non-sticky, adds volume, shine and a light hold. Your hair will still look and feel gorgeous when you let your hair down.

Firm Hold Hair Spray – is non-sticky, long lasting and has a fabulous sandalwood fragrance.

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