All the Motivation You Need To Get a Spring Chop: Our Favourite Bobs of 2024


Spring is a time for change, rebirth and freshness. As such, we think it's the perfect time to go for that chop you've been mulling over. If you're someone who prefers a low maintenance do, or someone who likes to spend a bit more time getting ready in the morning, there's a bob style that's perfect for you. 

But, with so many different types of bobs (lobs? hydrobobs? butterfly bobs?) it can feel like an absolute chore trying to work out which style is best for you. In this short blog, we'll be showing you some of our favourite bob styles of this year to give you inspiration for your next hair appointment. 

Sydney Sweeney, Baroque Bob


Sydney's chop for the Oscars dazzled. With beautiful soft layers and curves, it's effortlessly elegant and reminiscent of Old-Hollywood styles. 

Staying with the timeless, elegant theme... 


Zendaya, Butterfly Bob (aka Old Money Bob)


We've already talked about the butterfly bob and how it's one of spring's hottest styles, but this one has a special place in our hearts. It's voluminous, bouncy and very flattering. We also love that the length is versatile and still long enough to tie back out of your face. One of the most frustrating parts of short hair can be fighting to get it out of your eyes, so the lob (long bob, new term for you) gets a big tick from us. 

Florence Pugh, Madonna Bob

Florence Pugh is a champion of short hair. Whether its a short pixie crop or a messy bob, she always has fantastic hair. Her most recent cut, a choppy, versatile, short bob is a particular favourite of ours. While it can be styled more elegantly for posh events (see the Dune premiere red carpet shots) it has plenty of texture and movement for an easy everyday I-woke-up-like-this style. 


Gigi Hadid, Flicky Bob


Gigi's new cut is the perfect low-maintenance bob. If you're not ready to commit to a short-bob, this style is versatile and flattering at any length. It also looks great with a middle-part or a side-part, so it can work for you whichever side of the parting debate you're on. 

Whether you're a seasoned bob enjoyer, or you've yet to take the plunge, there's a style out there to suit your unique style and personality. 

Have we persuaded you yet?

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