Expert tips and tricks for this winter season


This party season Helen Seaton, Style Director in our Castle Street salon, gives her expert tips and tricks to style out December and Christmas

Q: How can I achieve a quick colour win for the party season?

The party season calls for a bit of colour magic, doesn't it? Well, for a quick and easy at-home colour boost, I always find myself reaching for Wella Color Fresh Masks. Select the mask that is closest in tone to your hair colour, and it will top up the vibrancy of your hair. The colour masks are semi permanent and fade true to tone, ready for your next colour appointment. It's the perfect secret weapon to keep your colour looking vibrant and fabulous between those all-important salon visits.

Wella Color Fresh Mask Copper Glow

Wella Color Fresh Masks are available in 13 different colour shades, including natural tones and bold bright colours.

In the salon, my go-to is Wella Shinefinity. It acts as a glaze, adding an incredible shine and conditioning effect. It's a demi-permanent colour that lasts up to 6-12 washes, and the best part? It has zero lift, preserving your hair's natural character. Whether you're rich brunette or California blonde, Shinefinity works wonders. The clear gloss variant is like a quick magic touch for an amazing shine and condition, perfect for those nights you want to dazzle.

Wella Shinefinity Signature NAturals

A colour glaze that lasts up to 6 weeks, Shinefinity preserves the natural character of the hair for a healthy-looking shine and a silky hair feel. Shinefinity balances the pH level throughout the colouring process, to protecting the integrity of the hair.

Q: What's the trend in hair styling this year?

A: It's all about volume! The key is to find a product that provides just enough hold while keeping your hair moving naturally, Collinge & Co Blow Dry Lotion is perfect for this. Spritz it onto towel-dried hair, focusing on the roots. To dry, tip your head upside down and use a hairdryer to dry the roots first. For a 90s Blow out, after completely drying your hair, use large velcro rollers and apply heat to them using a diffuser, before letting them cool completely and dressing out.

Collinge & Co Blow Dry Lotion

Blow Dry Lotion is a particular favourite hair care product in Collinge & Co salons because it helps us create beautiful big hair with body, volume and shine.

Q: Any product recommendations for a night out?

A: Absolutely! A quick refresh with dry shampoo is a game-changer, eliminating any oiliness and ensuring a smooth transition from the office to a night out. Dry shampoo also provides the perfect texture allowing you to create a quick updo. And don't forget to toss a handbag-sized Collinge & Co Hair Spray into your bag. You’ll be ready for those impromptu touch-ups throughout the evening, ensuring your hair stays picture-perfect all night long.

Q: How should clients care for their hair during winter?

A: A lot of clients feel that their hair gets dryer at this time of year. Central heating and crisp, cold weather will sap the moisture from hair. As the seasons change a lot of people find it beneficial to change their hair care routine to add extra hydration. Opt for a moisturising shampoo and conditioner; and for an extra dose of hydration, why not introduce a treatment mask into your washing routine? Use a moisture treatment every 2 or 3 washes based on your hair's needs. Your hair will thank you for the added moisture and care during the colder months!

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