Our Collinge & Co x Malmaison Makeover Winner


Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting Natalie, the lucky winner of our makeover and Malmaison stay giveaway, at our Castle Street salon. Natalie visited us for a transformative experience, entrusting Jess with her hair colour and style, and Liz with her makeup.

Prior to the makeover, Jess conducted a thorough consultation with Natalie a couple of weeks in advance. Reflecting on the consultation, Jess shared, "When I met Natalie for her consultation she was concerned that her hair looked too dark and solid due to a build up of colour and also that the condition wasn’t great. We decided that Shinefinity, a semi-permanent colour, would be perfect – gentler on the hair, enhancing the colour while providing a brilliant shine. Natalie was happy with the length of her hair but found that it could look a bit flat."

The makeover

Detailing the colour application, Jess explained, "I applied Shinefinity in rich brunette to the mid-lengths and ends only, as Natalie was satisfied with the colour at the roots. This added a subtle warmth to the colour adding tone to the areas which had been previously highlighted."

Regarding the cut, Jess mentioned, "Natalie didn’t want to lose much off the length but needed a trim to remove split ends and a refresh throughout of the layering to promote a healthy, thicker look, texture and movement, I cut in layers to frame the face."

"Natalie expressed difficulty in achieving volume, so after drying, I set her hair with large Velcro rollers. A touch of Collinge & Co Hairspray was applied, and a diffuser was used to gently dry the hair."

While Natalie's hair set in Velcro rollers, Liz focused on the makeup application. Liz shared, "Natalie prefers a natural look with emphasis on the eyes, so I mainly used subtle colours of taupe and cocoa. As a change I suggested a smoky purple to enhance her beautiful, almond shaped eyes which would compliment her colouring and contrast with her eye colour."

"Three colours were used on the cheeks; a deep bronze shade for shading, a pop of peach colour and highlighter to the top of the cheekbones. A natural lip gloss completed the look."

To complete the transformation, Jess removed the Velcro rollers and styled the hair using gentle push-combing at the roots to add lift. The result was a glamorous look, perfect for Natalie's dinner date at Malmaison.

Natalie loved the experience, saying, "My make up and hair was lovely.  During our stay, Malmaison looked after us very well. Dinner was absolutely gorgeous, followed by a lovely bottle of wine and some drinks. The breakfast in the morning was just as delicious. Overall I had a much welcomed break and felt like a queen for the day. Thanks to all your amazing staff too for making it such a special day for me."

The Products

During the appointment, Blow dry Lotion was applied before blow drying. This is the perfect product for fine hair helping to achieve volume.

Hairspray was used when the Velcro rollers were in ,and before applying heat, to help hold the volume.

Wash & Care to use at home

To restore condition and shine we recommended Moisturising Shampoo, Moisturising Conditioner and Hair Treat.

Natalie took these home with her. In particular the Hair Treat should be used every 2-3 shampoos as it is an intense hair mask which will infuse the hair with moisture, protect the colour and restore condition.

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